Indiegogo campaign launched

The biggest news is that we have launched a follow-up crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. There is an ongoing interest from new supporters to join our community. So we decided to launch a continuous campaign without a specific goal to enable more fans of innovative RPGs to discover Sacred Fire and to help to make it even better. We’ll use the funds for more polish, voiceover and improvements to the core gameplay.

So join in and don’t miss backer exclusive rewards that were so popular on Kickstarter.

Let your friends know that there still is a chance to support this project and get great rewards. Sacred Fire is now on Indiegogo In-Demand.

First Kickstarter rewards delivered

First rewards have been successfully delivered. We have worked with Doug Cockle to record the personalized voicemail messages and they have been sent out to the backers, who selected them. Based on the feedback we received, you seemed to be as excited as us.

In the coming weeks everyone in the Firestarter tier and higher ($36/$40+) will receive a set of Sacred Fire themed tones narrated by Doug Cockle:

  • Ringtone: “The world needs you. The choice is yours. Will you answer the call?”
  • Text message tone: “A new mission brief is in.”
  • Alarm tone: “You may be done with the world, but the world is not done with you. Time to gear up and dive once more into the fray.”

We’re working with our composer Sean Beeson to make the tones monstrously great. I’m already testing them on my phone and we’re almost there. My wife has already got used to the alarm tone. :)

If you’re not in the Firestarter tier or above and would love to have the tones on your phone, you can upgrade your pledge on our website using PayPal. You’ll also receive a second copy of Sacred Fire, a special appearance trait in-game and a private early access if you upgrade to the Firestarter tier.

Work on the script

Andrej is fine tuning the script for Sacred Fire. I’ve read the first couple of chapters and it’s fascinating to see all the characters from our Kickstarter page coming alive in a fast-flowing story. The choices and decisions you make are deep and intriguing. I really love how everything you do develops your character and builds or harms relationships with others, just like in real life.


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