About Poetic Studio

Poetic Studio is an independent game studio bringing together talent from all around the world to create meaningful and innovative narrative games.


The game is being developed by Andrej Vojtas.

To produce Sacred Fire, he works with talent from around the world:

Doug Cockle, voice actor (the voice of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series)
Sean Beeson, music composer
Rene Aigner, location artist

In the past Matus Koprda helped to establish the code base and
Martin Kolesar helped with the community building.

All this was made possible thanks to the 1,500+ backers of our crowdfunding campaigns.

About Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire is a visual novel RPG in which your humanity and emotions impact your fight for survival and inner freedom. Inspired by ancient Caledonia, the story follows a group of resistance fighters and their rise to power.

The game explores your fight for inner freedom. Choosing motives, ideas and feelings is as important as choosing your actions. It’s your heart that hides all the monsters.

Over the course of the game, and through the many decisions you make, develop your personality and compete for influence to change the story and avert a tragic ending.

Sacred Fire release date is TBA.



Founded in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia


Andrej Vojtas
lead developer


Sacred Fire (TBA)

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January 1, 2014