Upgrade Your Sacred Fire Backer Reward



You’ll be able to play Sacred Fire once it’s released. You’ll be credited in-game and receive all the following:

  • Digital Copy of Sacred Fire
  • 2 Digital Wallpapers
  • In-game Ancient Blood Trait
  • Backer Forum Badge


Fearless Sparkbearer

Fear not, as a Golden Eagle will accompany you in Sacred Fire. You’ll get everything included in the lower tiers plus:

  • In-Game Personality Trait
  • In-Game Golden Eagle Companion
  • Sacred Fire Soundtrack
  • High-Resolution Digital Poster



Share the happiness with a friend and be among the first to play Sacred Fire. You’ll get everything included in the lower tiers plus:

  • Second Copy of Sacred Fire
  • 2 Private Early Accesses
  • In-Game Appearance Trait
  • Narrated Tones by Doug Cockle


Mighty Firestarter

Get a beautiful Backer-only Start Screen with a special thank you note. You’ll get everything included in the lower tiers plus:

  • Rad Backer-Only Start Screen
  • Digital Art Book

$100 + Shipping $5 or $10*


We’re excited to present a Limited Collector’s Edition Box of Sacred Fire to own and to admire. You’ll get everything included in the lower tiers plus:

  • Collector’s Edition Box
  • 2 Printed Posters
  • Set of Postcards
  • Hand-Written Thank You Note

*Please add $5 for shipping to Europe and $10 for the rest of the world.

You can upgrade your Sacred Fire Kickstarter pledge here using PayPal. Just pledge the remaining amount and let us know by email at martin@poeticstudio.com. Don’t forget to email us, especially if your Kickstarter and Paypal email addresses are not identical, so we can combine your pledges.

If you missed our original Kickstarter campaign, we’ve created an ongoing Indiegogo In-Demand campaign for new backers. You can also help us by sharing our Indiegogo page with your friends by email, on social media, or on gaming forums. All additional funds we raise will go towards more polish, voiceover and improvements to the core gameplay.