“I want to play it!”
—Swen Vincke, Baldur’s Gate 3

“Cool concept.”
—Jaarup Irve, Disco Elysium

“Happy to help out on this!”
—Doug Cockle, the voice of The Witcher

“Intriguing and well polished.”
—Vince Weller, Age of Decadence

“Very cool looking game.”
—Arnie Jorgensen, Banner Saga

About Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire is a new introspective role-playing game. You’re a survivor on the run from Rome, your mind filled with fear and rage. Control your emotions, outsmart your opponents and win over volatile allies. Can you rise as a leader and escape a tragic fate? This time, every choice counts.

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The game will be released on Steam in 2021 in English, German, French, Russian and Chinese localization.

Tactical Combat  icon-sword-clash

  • Resist pain, fear, and anger while waiting for a decisive moment to strike.
  • Intimidate or provoke enemies, and take risks, to gain an advantage.
  • Use lethal or nonlethal force to succeed in all of the game’s combat scenarios.

icon-hydra  Story Map

  • Get a quick overview of the story so far.
  • See how your decisions have affected those close to you by reviewing the history of character relationships.
  • Explore new story branches on successive playthroughs.

Choice Making  icon-fox-head

  • Enjoy transparent writing with no misleading choices.
  • Transform characters, save lives, and shape the future of your people.
  • Use willpower to boost your chances to pull off a tough choice.

icon-rally-the-troops  Intricate Politics

  • Compete against other story characters for influence.
  • Choices made by your group impact combat difficulty.
  • Build your own influence or make powerful friends who’ll do the influencing for you.

Character Creation  icon-beast-eye

  • Create a personality, build willpower, and protect your beliefs.
  • Develop a menacing or captivating presence.
  • Play how you want to play by focusing on combat, empathy, healing, or crafting.

icon-artificial-intelligence  Strategy

  • Avoid letting envy, guilt, and fear twist your relationships.
  • Deal with trauma through comfort or meditation.
  • Collect, hunt, trade, or gamble to build wealth.

The World is on Fire

Rome has crossed the Wall in full force. Your only hope is to reach Dunadd, a seat of power, and unite the tribes.

But first you need to warn Wid, your loyal brother and the only family you have left. Besides the memories of a father you would rather forget and those of a mother you struggle to hold on to.

Can you survive? Can you save those close to you? Can you cling to the hope of a better world?

Beyond survival, beyond revenge, your true fight begins.

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Meet the Team

Poetic is an independent game studio founded by Andrej Vojtas who is the designer, writer, coder and artist behind Sacred Fire.

Martin Kolesar


Matus Koprda


Rene Aigner

location artist

Sean Beeson

music composer

We are very excited to have Doug Cockle, the voice of The Witcher, on board. Doug has done voiceover for our trailers and will be featured also in-game.

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Hey everyone, being a solo indie and innovating within a well-established genre with your debut title is not easy, but there is one thing I find even harder than all the development and production hurdles associated with that: It’s coming up with a sentence that conjures up the right image in the mind of your…
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New Release, Trailer, Team and Steam Page

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. I’m very happy to share with you, that we secured the funding to finish the game we originally envisioned in the quality you’ve seen in the last couple of updates. After talking to a dozen publishers, looking for someone who respects our creative vision, we partnered…
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