We understand that you all want to play the game and every other news seems like a distraction, but your voice is critical to move us forward to the final release. Let’s look at why and what’s in front of us.

Creating a unique RPG experience at this visual level takes time and this is the ground we need to cover to make Sacred Fire amazing:

Stage Goal Time frame
Steam Greenlight Concepts Get feedback on pitch, build a presence on Steam December 2016
Steam Greenlight Get feedback on game, get the attention of Valve January 2017
Kickstarter Finishing funds, amazing rewards for fans, get alpha and beta players March 2017
Preview release First playable version for Firestarters Guild members and ALL Kickstarter backers Summer 2017
Alpha release Debugging, hands on feedback Late 2017
Beta release Balancing, polish
Gold The sweet polished version of Sacred Fire Spring 2018

And you, our fan, are at the center of this plan. Without you getting involved, Sacred Fire won’t be possible.

Our roadmap is a chain of events, one leading into the other and building its results. It’s possible that Valve notices we have a strong Greenlight campaign and gives us an extra push to build a bigger community before Kickstarter. We can then get into appealing rewards to make Kickstarter more attractive. So then Kickstarter has a better chance to hit the goal in the first days. What next? A swiftly funded project can get more coverage and raise even more funds. The game is able to get more content and polish.  We can even bring in more star talent, as voice over legend Troy Baker, Joel from The Last of Us, has shown interest and is watching our development.

So to get to the Gold experience, your help is essential and we invite you to co-create Sacred Fire.

We’ve already started with Steam Greenlight Concepts. You can read more in our blog post titled Sacred Fire is on Steam Greenlight Concepts or you can visit our Steam Greenlight Concept page to vote for us now.

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