As we’re moving towards our next year’s big goals (Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter), we would like to collect feedback on the Sacred Fire pitch and build a presence on Steam.

We are currently on Steam Greenlight as a Concept. While most gamers do not know Concepts exist, or avoid them on purpose, journalist are known to pick up the best rated projects. So your support could lead out to first exposure in gaming magazines. It also helps us build a following we can use to jumpstart our next step: the Greenlight process.

Steam Greenlight Concepts is a part of Steam Greenlight dedicated to new gaming ideas or projects in early stages of development. Although Sacred Fire is perhaps not in early stages anymore (it’s about half done), we thought it might be useful to go through the whole Greenlight-like experience and find out about ins and outs of the process and get feedback on the pitch which has a Sacred Fire styled headings, a lot of screenshots, fine tuned content and an overall appealing design. We’ve definitely put in an effort to stand out.

One of the best features of Concepts is the ranking system. The difference between the regular Greenlight and Greenlight Concepts is that in Concepts:

  • you see rankings of submitted projects (newest, most popular for the last 1 week, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year and top rated of all time),
  • you don’t get greenlit so in order to get the game to Steam, you still have to go through the regular Greenlight,
  • it receives less attention.

We didn’t know what to expect. You can find really great projects among the Concepts but there’s also some posted with not serious intentions.

To our surprise, within 4 hours we reached the #1 spot in the weekly ranking and we started to climb in all other rankings rapidly. We’ve reached a 5-star rating and Sacred Fire is in top 3 percent of the all time top rated games.

This is all encouraging news for the future of Sacred Fire. And you too can help us to bring Sacred Fire to life. Head to the Sacred Fire Concept page now and vote up, favorite us, follow us and comment.

Help us to get to top 100 of Steam Greenlight Concepts by voting up and favoriting Sacred Fire.


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