Hello everyone,

With the new year in full swing, we’re excited to bring you a brief update about the game’s development progress.

All the writing is now finalized, and localization of Act 3 has commenced. In the end, Act 3 contains almost twice as much content as Act 2. Currently, I’m in the process of integrating visuals, stat changes, and dice rolls into all the lines.

Minor spoilers ahead.

In addition to the three main Act 3 events—the Raven rescue mission, the Roman camp infiltration, and the ultimate battle with several siege stages and iconic moments—we’re pleased with how we’ve tied up all loose ends. We’ve brought all relationship arcs, mysteries, conflicts, and player agendas to a narratively satisfying conclusion.

Furthermore, Act 3 boasts over 10 pages worth of individualized epilogues detailing the fate of the kingdom and the characters based on your choices, including a variant where the fort is saved, but the protagonist dies.

To highlight a few additions based on community feedback, here are some elements that made it into Act 3 and the Sacred Fire story thanks to you:

  • A way to enable Ygrain rise above her bitterness
  • An opportunity to get even with Wid, if you get knocked out in Act 1, without overdoing it
  • Morl’s relationship can develop romantic undertones for female protagonist playthroughs. This decision was made simply because it made for a better story than the originally planned romance with a Roman captive. Please note, Sacred Fire does not focus on romance, and not all romances are equally extensive; some pairs have more to overcome than others
  • Three distinct ways to upgrade the fort before the siege
  • Successful endings for a coward and an opportunist playthrough, including a royal treasury heist

Roadmap update

The next step is to prepare Act 3 English version for community testing, which will begin in Spring 2024.

Based on our previous testing and bug fixing experience, we realized that by the time it’s done, we’ll be able to complete the art for character customization and localization needed for the 1.0 release.

This way, Act 3 will be publicly released already with localization as part of the 1.0 release.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the community members who help make the game better in various ways, and also to all those who support us.

A thank you also to everyone who liked the game and left a recommendation for their friends on Steam – the game has collected over 400+ user reviews already with more than 95% of them being positive.

While many lines still need setting up, I’m eager to share Act 3 with you all. Thank you for your feedback, support, and patience!

Kind regards,