Hello everyone,

it’s been a while. I’ll try to summarize the main Sacred Fire development events from last year we didn’t cover on our blog yet.

Act 2 Expansion

Since the initial Act 2 release last summer, we’ve implemented numerous updates to player choices and character reactions, based on our community feedback, almost doubling it’s initial size.

Among the most favorite scenes added was more screen time for a community favorite character, your eagle Talon. One of the latest additions was a complete new path through the Act 2 final battle.

Steam Page Localization

While we continue working on Act 3, we’ve also worked on updating the existing game and the Steam page text, which has also been localized into the 8 languages that will be supported in the full game. Feedback on the new text and the translations is welcome.

Czech & Slovak Games Week

Sacred Fire has been selected for the opening live stream for the Czech & Slovak Games Week, so I’ve recorded a video introducing the game to new players: 

The annual Czech & Slovak Games Week is here to celebrate games made by passionate teams from two countries that share the history of a united struggle for independence and freedom.

A perceptive observe may spot a link why we’re not introducing the Caledonian resistance as one tribe, but as a community of different people, able to look past their differences, united in their suffering and struggle against a common oppressor.

Roadmap update

To make sure we can continue and finish up the story in the rich choice-making quality people love about the game, we’ve adjusted the Act 3 milestone to Q1 2023.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the community members who help make the game better in various ways, and also to all those who support us.

A thank you also to everyone who liked the game and left a recommendation for their friends on Steam – the game has collected over 300+ user reviews already with more than 95% of them being positive.

An last but not least, thank you for your patience, we can’t wait to hear what you think about the final Act 3

Kind regards,