Hello everyone!

Thanks to the amazing help from our community testers, we’re excited to let you continue your Sacred Fire story, as Act 2 is now available! In this blog, we’ll outline what you can expect from the second act.

Before we get into (minor) spoiler territory, here’s what some of our Discord testers had to say while playing through Act 2:

“Wow, this was scary! Well done!” – flori2412

“Love the choices you have with your brother.” – Metastatic

“Another marvelous act. Great job.” – yangao5e

And for those who prefer hard numbers, these are the contents of Act 2:

  • 27 new scenes.
  • 2 big battles and 2 one-on-one duels, each with a unique twist.
  • 3 new major locations with 25 unique shots
  • 9 new characters, with 18 new insights to uncover
  • 4 old characters got their art upgraded based on your feedback

A Visual Overview
Note: there will be minor spoilers from this point, so read along at your own risk!

Act 2 brings several major battles…

…and one on one duels…

…that will test not only your cunning and willpower…

…but also the loyalties your choices inspired…

…on and off the battlefield…

…in characters both old and new…

…and maybe even in some that were long forgotten.

Enjoy!We appreciate your patience as we finished up Act 2. We’re very happy with how it ended up, and we hope you enjoy continuing your story. Feel free to leave any feedback on the Steam forums, or on the official Sacred Fire Discord!

Kind regards,

OLD SAVE NOTE: we went to great lengths to make sure you can continue with your old save, but still some big changes were made to the story structure, so saves older than 2.6.0 won’t work. But if your save is that old, chances are you’ll enjoy the improvement made to Act 1 too.