Dear backers,

I hope this message finds you well. We’re back with another update, focusing on improving story beats with important characters in Act 1. We know you’re all excited for the testing of Act 2 to begin, and it’s precisely the writing of new scenes that triggered the need for more character interaction in Act 1. The first act now serves as a rock-solid foundation for what comes next, and we appreciate your patience in this.

Please note that old saves will not be compatible with this update, as it adds many changes to the story, as well as stat changes to the influence checks when both you and a rival character try to win the crowd.


Morl resurfaces now in many scenes with interesting consequences.

  • Morl will resurface (if alive) and can be an ally or enemy depending on your earlier choices.
  • Added an assassination scene — Morl might try to get you killed.
  • If you survive Morl’s assassination attempt, you can try to have Morl banished. But can you prove what happened or will he slip away? Will important figures support you, or did your previous choices erode their trust?


Another important character in the first act, we’ve given Raven’s scenes some more refinement.

  • Rescue Risk Chain greatly improved variety
  • Raven’s true name — added an investigation scene


  • Life & death Check refined flow + Raven’s involvement more important


The game now tracks:

  • A flawless victory (not getting injured) – gives a motivation boost
  • Humiliation (Morl will seek vengeance even if you let him live)
  • And Many more Improvements based on Community Feedback

Thank you for all your feedback, patience and support.

Kind regards,