Hello everyone,

Sacred Fire is now available in Early Access. It’s been a couple of crazy days, with a last-minute change to release 1 day earlier: but the important thing is, you can pick up Sacred Fire on Steam for $17.99, with a 10% launch discount until October 25 2021!

  • the Early access play-through is approximately 2 hours long, depending on the path you take. This represents the 1st of 3 acts of the story.
  • there are 2 distinct branches and many variants how to solve each scene
  • further differences in play-through come from playing a male or a female protagonist, as it changes the relationship dynamic with key characters
  • there is complete voice-over, and a basic music and sound effects implementation
  • there is some character customization, but it will be expanded, and you can expect overall improvements in character and location art and polish


The journey is of course far from over. For the Early Access, we managed to prepare the first character customization update, with many more to come – this one allows you to select African ethnicity for your player character.

As the story defines your mother was a stranger who found refuge north of the Wall, you are an outsider to some people no matter the way you look, so creating a character based on your preference will not penalize you in the game.

Please let us know what you think.

Kind regards,