Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. We’ve got some very exciting news to share with all of you: 

OCTOBER 19th 2021

Sacred Fire is entering Early Access on October 19th! And here is the new ‘To Be Truly Free’ trailer in 4K:

The initial Early Access release will contain the first act of the game, with the other two being added in major releases later down the line.

As always, we aim to involve you directly in the further development of Sacred Fire, so make sure to join our discord or visit the Steam forums to leave feedback and share your experience with the game.

Note: Early Access will be in English only, and localization will begin once the story is finished


If you’d like please take the time to check out the new demo update! It should feel like a new experience, one where you worry less and enjoy and immerse yourself into the scenes more. 

Based on your feedback, we overhauled the way story steps carry bonuses and penalties, putting you, the player, in control:

Introducing Formative Moments tooltips

You know what’s coming:

Major changes, affecting important attributes, happen on rare clearly marked story steps and come with a warning in the UI:

  • You know what penalties choices in these formative moments trigger
  • Most penalties can be resisted
  • Discovering choices defining your backstory can get you rare bonuses to physical attributes
Item upgrading new screen layout

You know how to fix everything:

Minor penalties can be fixed by using motivation to zero out emotions, or simply by collecting positive relationship experience, wealth and renown. All of these behave in an easily predictable manner.

Major penalties can be fixed by collecting and using upgrade points to upgrade Items, Ideas, Titles, and Insights.

  • Ideas can flip to positive statements
  • Insights can now be used to spread rumors and gain renown
  • Upgrade items easily with a new UI layout

Additionally, UI and tooltips have improved readability and layout in all screens, all focused towards the same goal, of putting you in control, by understanding what’s going on and how to influence it.

If you get to play the new demo update, please let us know what you think! Every piece of feedback is appreciated.

Kind regards,