Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you safe. This month I’m happy to be able to share with you a brand new 2 minutes developer’s commentary video. 

It’s meant to explain what makes Sacred Fire unique to newcomers, and for those who already know, it shows how the game currently looks and plays. I consider it spoiler-free.

It shows how introducing emotions and willpower-driven performance tackles the age-old problem of the lack of control coming from dice rolling in RPGs, that some people love others hate. The scenes also demonstrate how scene-based tactical choices unite gameplay and story. This way Sacred Fire is a narrative game you truly play, offering more role-playing in less time.

Dice Rolling UI

A big part of the fun is seeing the dice roll results. It’s very rewarding to know how lucky you got, and it feels less like a failure when you decided this dice roll is not worth your willpower points and extra effort.

On top of that, the failure results are often as interesting as successes. Unless you are running a Life & Death dice roll about your favorite companion!

But that’s exactly where you want to spend your willpower points and ensure their survival with effort transcending your limits.

Story Characters roll the dice too and act differently based on the result.

You can find more screenshots on our updated Steam page.

Please share Sacred Fire with your Friends on Steam. Thank you! Every voice counts.

Stay safe and have a great Easter holiday.