Hello everyone,

I hope this short update finds you well. I hope you and your loved ones are being safe, as some countries enter another round of lock-downs.

I’ve been hard at work, testing out hundreds of character faces with hundreds of hairstyles, and hundreds of outfits to build the final art for Sacred Fire.

An image may be worth many words, so here you go, this is one of the first characters you’ll encounter in the game:

Those with the eagle eye among you may have spotted that the symbol she wears on her forehead is the same one the character on the promo picture has. I’m not going to spoil anything by saying it’s no coincidence, and the symbol will play a role in the story.

I was also surprised by how much fun it was to design the various animals for the story as well:

I could stare at the fur details for hours :) But no worries, I won’t and will keep working on delivering you a great game.

On another note, we’ve been selected for the Czech and Slovak Games Week on Steam, so if you’d like please check out the various games from our little corner of the world:

You may recognize some big hit names like Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Mafia Definitive Edition, but there may be also smaller titles you’ll find you’ll enjoy like the award-winning historically-accurate adventure about the moral dilemmas of characters in a Nazi-occupied country, Attentat 1942:

Through the eyes of World War 2 survivors

Kind regards,