Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well and that you are enjoying the summer.

This month started with me assembling a new PC. Little did I know that at the same time, Henry Cavill (the Netflix Witcher) was setting the internet on fire by filming how he assembles a gaming rig. I can assure you in my instance there was a lot less organic and a lot more silicon muscle. Anyways, the difference in performance, compared to my old PC is remarkable. There is almost no slow-down due to waiting for some rendering or simulation to finish.

This allowed me to experiment and implemented some advanced shader magic to bring the characters to life. Here is a static render of a female character:

And here is a video of the same image’s idle facial animation and recoloring, thanks to a quite complex shader (a shader is a piece of code instructing the gpu to perform various operations before drawing the pixels on screen).

I’m very happy with how you can start the game now, and not only create, but also fall in love with your character. At the beginning of this journey, we set out to build something special, and this feels like an important step on that path. Thank you for your patience and support. Have a great summer, we’ve got big news coming next month.