Hello everyone,

I hope this update finds you well and you and your loved ones are safe.

It’s been a very busy month at poetic as we are preparing a new Steam page, including a new cover image, screenshots, and gifs.

I also started the process of working on a new trailer with Doug Cockle, positioning the people living north from the wall as the ‘People of Design’, which according to some sources was the name the people used when speaking about themselves, instead of the names their enemy, the Romans, and their historians used to describe them.

We are also perfecting the character art production process, including building a new computer focused on increasing both the CPU and GPU rendering performance. Hopefully, it can stay cool even during the incoming summer months :)

In the meanwhile here is a sample of a period hairstyle:

No, this beard does not increase your Charisma +5. In Sacred Fire, you have to actually build the respect, trust, and sympathy of your companions with deeds and consistent choices.


I think the close-up detail of the character art compared to the original cover image we used on Kickstarter nicely demonstrates how far we’ve come thanks to your support and patience. Thank you, you helped us get here.

Have a wonderful summer and stay safe.