Hello everyone,

we’ve been incorporating all the story-related feedback from play-testing and the in-game story now has a new beginning. It consists of 4 complex scenes and ties in seamlessly into the original “You wake from a terrible nightmare” beginning, so don’t worry, your favorite scenes are still there.

The goal was to create a more immersive beginning, featuring early on both psychological and physical conflicts with engaging NPCs.

I’m very happy about how it panned out, it’s a nice mix of iconic scenes, smart choices and nuances self-expression. Also the freedom and variety in how to handle an ambush came out great.

Can you find a way to turn Morl into an ally?
Can you find a way to turn Morl into an ally?

As far as further development, I’ll be expanding the story and tuning the areas that need work:

1) the dialogue screen UI: I’ll be experimenting with the pacing of appearance and placing of the elements

2) the combat: I like the role-playing aspect of it, it lets me do cool stuff. But I’m not happy with the tactical side of it, the UI doesn’t yet display the information needed to be able to make tactical choices about what tactic to use

3) progress UI: I’ll be looking into new ways to better inform the player about the various parts of the game: character building, social influence building, items unlocking, Easter eggs unlocking, etc.

Everyone, have a great summer.

Kind regards,