Hello everyone,

this is just a quick update to let everyone know that we are alive and well. In March we went for the first time to San Francisco to attend the Game Developer Conference.

GDC 2019

Our game pitch received a good overall response and more than twenty publishers were interested enough to meet with us, share feedback and evaluate potential cooperation.

Nothing is set in stone yet, as these things take time, but the important thing is the reception and feedback was positive – everyone likes the reactivity of the story, the game mechanics and the visuals.

It was great to meet fellow developers from Disco Elysium and Heaven’s Vault – the new game from developers of Ink, the markup language we use to write Sacred Fire.  You can check out Heaven’s Vault on Steam now.

We were lucky (and a just little bit pushy) and got some in-depth feedback on Sacred Fire from senior staff at 11bit and Larian. Thank you Karol and Kieron for your time, we appreciate it and it helped us move into the right direction.

Riding bikes in sunny San Francisco while waiting for our flight home from GDC.

We met also quite a few companies interested to work on Sacred Fire, be it writing, art or marketing, so this could speed up production and bring the writing and visual quality even higher. We hope to share more news about these potential cooperations in the future.

You must feel like you were born under a lucky star when a renowned professional approaches you and tells you he has an experienced game writer in his team, who has a degree in archeology, lived in Scotland and is excited to work on your game.

With so many meetings crammed together you can imagine how busy things got at times. I will never forget fighting the elevators to take me to the 6th floor were my meeting was, just to realize I was at the wrong end of the mall that has only 5 floors. Looking at my orientation skills, working on a 2D game was a wise choice :)

Sacred Fire Development

Ever since we released the first playable preview a day before Christmas Eve, we’ve been receiving great feedback and many useful bug reports helping us make the game better – a big thank you to all our play-testers.

The Early Preview contains the 1st hour of the story with many story branches, see the map below.

Spoiler alert: the story branching map below contains some light spoilers about what kind of major choices you make, but do not worry, it doesn’t steal anything from the nuance of role-playing through all of it.

Early Preview story-branching map – experience the 1st hour of the game – pledge at IndieGoGo

Based on all the feedback from play-testers and GDC, we are currently adding new scenes in-front of the current beginning for the story, one that cast the player much faster into deadly action.

Thank you to all play-testers for giving a helping hand!

We hope to share the new beginning with our play-testers, all Firestarter tier and above backers, soon.  You can join them via late baking at IndieGoGo.

These are exciting times for poetic and we hope to have more good news to share in our next blog posts.



P.S.: it turns out Kickstarter turns 10 today – happy birthday to everyone at team Kickstarter, we are very grateful for all your hard work that gave Sacred Fire and countless other indie games a start.