This spring has been particularly busy for Poetic. The most important news is that we have the first playable build of Sacred Fire. This is a historical moment for you and for us and we’ll have more information on that later.

Let’s just say I kind of looked like this when I launched it for the first time:

Meanwhile, let’s take a more detailed look at the character creation in Sacred Fire. The official Playstation Blog has published an article about it during our Kickstarter.

The article is about how character creation affects the gameplay. Character creation is one of the most thought out aspects of Sacred Fire so I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about it.


Here’s how we introduced the topic in the article on the Playstation.Blog:

“In most RPGs the role-playing and character creation is reduced to choosing a role in combat and how you deal damage. I missed that old-school role-play feeling, where you can be creative and figure out how to gain an edge against a stronger enemy or avoid a fight altogether.

In Sacred Fire, as the Roman Empire marches to annihilate your way of life, you are facing a stronger enemy most of the time.

We wanted to design a new flavor of RPGs. A game where the key to success lies not in weapons, skills and damage types, but in the psychology of the characters. To support this design focus we developed a numbers-based personality model and gameplay rules for the inner workings of a warrior inspired by the 2nd Century resistance wars in Caledonia (ancient Scotland).”

You can read all the details about Sacred Fire’s character creation in the Official Playstation.Blog. The article is also available in German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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