If you haven’t taken a close look at Sacred Fire’s combat yet, we’ve prepared a short Imgur deep-dive on the combat. Check it out and share it or post it on your favorite gaming forum.

We’ve had a busy 2018 so far. So let’s sum up what we’ve been up to.


Andrej has been working with our new developer Blade since December. He was able to hand him over most of the coding work and this is what they have done so far:

  • integration of Ink, Unity and our set of story checks and effects,
  • text-based preview feedback analysis and integration,
  • RPG ruleset adjustments (a process that started years ago and spawned 700+ pages of documentation).

UI Design

We’re also making some changes to the UI. In my previous jobs I was working on UX design of an award winning app and several websites, so that’s something I can help Andrej with.

It looks like we’ll be changing the hex based UI in favor of a circular UI. This is not merely an aesthetic redesign, but it’s about expressing the hierarchy of the attributes and readability at one glance, so that the flow of your story experience is as fluent as possible.

Here’s how it’s looking right now (please note, that this is very much work-in-progress and I had to pry it out of Andrej to show it to you at this stage. He survived):

Your feedback to the text-based preview

The best thing that has happened since our last update is your feedback regarding the text-based preview. We’ve received so many emails with detailed comments and suggestions. We’ve read them all and Andrej has been implementing the changes to make the story and choices even more gripping.

Here’s some of your feedback:

“The story was very engrossing! Even at this level I was totally enthralled and immersed. Can not wait for more.”

“I’m proud to be a backer for Sacred Fire and spent several evenings poking through every line of your text-based chapter. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I’m looking forward to the game even more.“

“It was amazing. I loved the ability to analyze the situation or trying to understand where a character was coming from. These kinds of context clues make it so much more immersive. The decisions felt like they had weight. At the same time though, when the action started, there was a sense of realism where you cannot predict how everything will react to your reactions; you just have to make the best decision you can in the moment. Thank you for being able to establish a great character relationship and background.”


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