Etain the Shadow

“You and Etain grew up together. She was your best, in fact, your only friend. The other kids didn’t want to play with you, an orphan. And the other orphans envied you had your brother Wid to raise you.

You remember the constant hunger growing up and how she shared the food she could sneak out with. How she listened, patient and understanding, like no one else you knew.

And you remember, like it was yesterday, the shock of losing her. Her own mother sending her away, to train at the royal fort, against her own will.

You believed you found peace in the idea, that this way she had a better chance to survive. But seeing her return a few days back revealed how naive you were.

The old pain, guilt and anger came surging back as if they never left. You wonder how she feels, but you find it hard to reconcile your memories with the so distant woman in front of you.

You wonder what her return means. She is a part of the fort now, maybe even the royal guard. Why is she avoiding you? She told Wid and the others she is here to visit her mother’s grave.

You can not help but think, that the only reason to make her return is that danger is coming. Did she come to warn and protect you or did she come to hide and survive?

Today she didn’t come back from her usual walk. What does it mean? Did she just leave the same way she came, or did something happen to her?”

Hello everyone!

So this is Etain. How will you react when you meet her? Will you be able to trust her like you once used to, act as if she was a dangerous stranger or reconcile with the person she has become?

You can vote for her on our homepage to increase her initial in-game influence.

And who should we introduce in the next month’s update? There’s still 8 major characters left:

  • Wid, your older brother,
  • Clair, a graceful but shy stranger helping those in need,
  • Marcus, a Roman who saved your life,
  • Rian, an exiled champion of a rival kingdom,
  • Nial, an arrogant heir to the throne, Morrigan’s son,
  • Raven, a gifted but troubled orphan,
  • Kean, a ruthless and opportunistic usurper of the throne of the rival kingdom,
  • Flavius, an ambitious leader of the Roman armies.

Let us know in the comments. We’re happy about every single reaction.

Development update: Script-based prototype

We’ve made a lot of progress since last month. Andrej is almost done with a script-based playable prototype that we’re building to test the story and get initial feedback. I’ve had a chance to play through the first chapter several times and it left me breathless. I was amazed to read through the engaging story and see so many profound choices to be made.

We’re thinking of ways to bring you in so that you too can be a part of the process already at this stage. We’ll let you know.

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