“Morrigan, unlike her husband, the king, is well liked by the common people. She appears beautiful and vulnerable, and can be often seen tending to her people in the fort courtyard.

You saw her at the royal funeral a few years ago. She mourned her son killed by Rome. You felt you would move heaven and earth to lift that sorrow from her eyes.

Last spring, when a disease broke out in your settlement, she sent herbs that helped prevent the worse. She is the reason why communities trust each other and pay their dues.

They believe her word that everyone will have a place of refuge in the fort in times of war. Everyone will get help when crops fail or cattle die. She’s a true queen of her people – caring, considerate and loving.

However, people say that the tragic loss of her son changed her. Rumors spread that there is a rift between her and the king.

Her opponents whisper that she runs a ring of spies watching not only Rome but also her own people. What is her agenda? Is there any truth to what they say?

One thing is certain, strife in the royal house makes your people weak. You never imagined you would have a role to play to tilt the balance of power. But war changes everything.”

Hello everyone!

How do you like Morrigan, the queen of the people? The fragment above is inspired by the game script but we had to go to great lengths to remove spoilers and at the same time give you a vivid description of what Morrigan is like.

On the Sacred Fire homepage, we have a voting widget which allows you to cast a vote for one of the 8 characters you can ally with in the game. Each vote increases the character’s initial influence in-game. Some characters want to confront Rome and some want to avoid the conflict and try to peacefully live alongside the mighty empire.

So now you have a chance to influence the story even before the game launch. Morrigan is currently third overall with 14 percent, but her faction is lagging behind. Show your support if you think that the Romans should be forced out once and for all. Here’s the current standings:

This story is yours to tell.

And let us know on Facebook what NPC you’d like to learn more about next.

Development Update

Andrej has finished working on all that passes that deepen the plot and the characters, add interesting options that let you be smart or tough and interesting reactions that reward the player. There is almost 900 plot deepening moments he is using when implementing the script into the Ink scripting language.

It’s a versatile and easy to use markup language that can be integrated into the Unity game engine. One of its many advantages is that it will allow us to quickly test the whole script in a very simple text-based prototype.

Join the community of backers

There’s still a chance for you to join the community of almost 1,500 Sacred Fire backers and get great rewards such as the Sacred Fire Collector’s Edition Box or the ringtones narrated by Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher. Head to our Indiegogo page and check it out.


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