With temperatures surpassing 100 F (38 C) over here, I’ll keep this post brief. :) We have a short report on crowdfunding rewards delivery, a progress update focusing on the ins and outs of the Sacred Fire script and a short PS at the end about our crowdfunding progress.

Tones narrated by Doug Cockle delivered to backers

We’ve sent out the tones narrated by Doug Cockle to all backers in the Firestarter tier and all higher tiers. For the final polish we had asked our composer Sean Beeson to apply his magic and add musical sounds to the tones.

Some of the backers have already sent us feedback and they seemed to be enjoying the tones as much as we do. The eligible backers have also received a surprise gift.

Check out a ringtone preview:

By the way, you can still become a Sacred Fire backer on Indiegogo and receive a complete set of tones for your smart phone.

Progress Update

The final script has 13 chapters, 70 scenes and 11 different endings. Some of them are victories, some of them not so much and there’s a tragic one you have to work hard to avert. There are 30 different combat encounters and 10 stealth missions. Many of them can be avoided, if you prefer to resolve conflict peacefully.

They contain setting traps, planning ambushes and sabotages. There are plenty of one on one duels and two big battles. There are roughly 25 scenes where your actions decide about life and death of your companions. And more than 50 differences if you play as a female character.

How do we keep track of all the nuances and branches? What really helps is to create a short treatment on the story. It’s a shortened and simplified version of the script that tells the whole story on a couple of pages. It’s now full of comments and marks for the different variants. This serves as the guide when implementing the scenes in the game.

We briefly introduced the 10 major characters on our Indiegogo page, but we will share more details about them from our writing notes.

Crowdfunding progress

Since we launched our Indiegogo campaign in June and collected new pledges and pledge upgrades on Paypal, it may be more difficult for you to see the results of our crowdfunding efforts, so here’s a short overview:

  • Total: $66,630, 1480 backers
  • Kickstarter: $65,000, 1435 backers
  • Paypal: $750, 17 backers
  • Indiegogo: $880, 28 backers
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