Thank you for your amazing feedback and encouragement during our Concept campaign. Your reactions were overwhelmingly positive. You’ve become a vital part of this adventure.

“I didn’t realize it, til I saw this trailer, but I’ve been waiting for a game like this.”

“Looks (and sounds) awesome. Good luck!”

We’ve taken your comments and ideas and used them to further refine our official Greenlight page.

  • We’ve created awesome gameplay GIFs showing in-detail combat, politics and ambush gameplay.
  • We’ve added more details about Combat and Choice Making in Sacred Fire. These are important aspects of the game and deserve more information.
  • And we are particularly happy about a quote from Arnie Jorgensen, art director of Banner Saga. Check the Greenlight page to see what he said.

So now we’re turning to you again to help us to make Sacred Fire reality. Today we’ve published Sacred Fire on Steam Greenlight! This is a big step for us and our community of fans.

Head to Sacred Fire Greenlight page now and vote ‘Yes’.

Every single ‘Yes’ vote is appreciated and important. We are always looking forward to when a new comment pops up and we had a blast answering them. Favorite us or follow, so you don’t miss important updates. And tell your gaming friends on Steam about Sacred Fire.

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