Sacred Fire Early Preview Info

Quick summary

Bug reporting

There’s a button in the bottom right corner of every screen which you can use to report a bug. It says “Found bug?”. If you click it, it takes a screenshot of your current Sacred Fire screen and you can describe what the bug is. Here’s some guidelines.

Easy to spot bugs:

  • A visual scene doesn’t resemble at all what is written below (if it’s fairly close, it’s OK).
  • A story text states obviously wrong facts, such as a character who left is with me, etc.
  • Wrong consequence, for example an obviously wrong flow leads to unexpected, wrong branch.

More subjective, harder to spot bugs:

  • A hover HUD text doesn’t match the story text or situation, such as the text says an NPC is terrified and the hover text says “safe”.
  • A check is missing or check doesn’t make sense, for example the game checks physical strength to determine how hard it is for you to show empathy.
  • A consequence stat is missing or changes do not make sense, for example you gain renown for running away as a coward.

You can also use a bug reporting form at, if for some reason you can’t use the “Found bug?” button.

Gameplay feedback

Here’s the gameplay feedback form:

Please, use it to give us your impressions, comments and evaluation of the Early Preview. It’s got several questions to guide you and feel free to give us any additional comments.

About the Early Preview

  1. Visuals are placeholders. In most cases, you’ll see the actual characters that appear in the scene, but the poses won’t vary and there are no animations.
  2. There is no audio, unless we count your screaming after making a really bad choice.
  3. You’re getting the final version of the first chapter (50,000 words) with:
    • over 1,000 choice checks with custom consequences for each failure,
    • over 200 NPC reactions based on NPC probability checks,
    • 39 risk chains from stealth situations and archery feats to mad escape sequences,
    • 28 different endings.
  4. First hand-crafted combat encounter with more than 10 psychological tactics.
  5. RPG mechanics with emotions based performance and impact of your choices on your stats.
  6. Character creation: choose your attributes and traits.
  7. 3 gameplay modes which show or hide probabilities, tooltips and floating texts:
    • the (original) RPG experience,
    • adventure game mode,
    • story only mode.
  8. Balancing will need some fine-tuning even after we do our best.
  9. Final proofreading will be done after incorporating all feedback (so you don’t have to report any typos, etc.)

If you have trouble with anything, just drop me an email at